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Cult of Regenerative Personality

Doctor Who is a cult.  Not in a Rocky Horror Picture Show way.  Although yes, it is cult in a Rocky Horror Picture Show way too.  But in a more traditional sense of the word.  The general definition of a cult is a group of people “bound together by veneration of the same thing, person, ideal(, etc)”.  It can, and often does, involve rituals (such as compulsively offering or eating jelly babies) and symbols (such as a blue box).  We typically imagine cults as a closed group with a strange mythos, and people are lured into the group by a charismatic leader.  Once a person is inside the guarded group different techniques are used to keep them there, including forms of mind control.  So how did this happen, right under our noses?  How did the Doctor manage to get so many helpless and beautiful young women to drink his wibbly-wobbly kool aid?

Let’s throw a link to Wikipedia in here that will help us illustrate just how he accomplished this dastardly feat.  Some of the mind control tactics used to ease victims into this exciting lifestyle of cult-dom are:   Continue reading

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