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Hearts and Kidneys are Tinker Toys!

Miraculous things will happen in the future.

People will carry around little communication devices everywhere they go, along with tiny electronic boxes that light up and play music or moving pictures.  They will have wires hanging off of them with tiny amplifiers that plug into your ears.  And although we are all walking around with any desired tune playing seamlessly into our ears and cannot hear the noise on the street, the noise will just be a whirring of quiet electronic motors as automobiles stop using fuel and start using electricity to glide through our cities.

The technology of the future will be truly astounding.  A new global community will erupt as people from all over the world, even the most remote parts, communicate with each other through a network of tubes and wires.  Not only will they be able to communicate words and ideas, but pictures and sound as well.  A photo that takes two weeks via mail will be instantly broadcast to thousands of people.  People will be exposed to cultures and ideas they never could have imagined as ideas are shared through this global network. Continue reading

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