Oh No! Its a Another Beast Jesus Meme

I feel kind of sorry to join the meme parade and don’t mean this to be insulting to Christians.


I promise not to make a “Long Cat” video or something like that. On second thought, that actually sounds like a good idea, but I’m sure by now someone must have already imagined that as a video game. Also this is the second Shadow of the Beast related animation I’ve made.
I loved that game growing up, yet for some reason I keep violating its memory with oddball videos.

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The Roboheart Game That Never Was

Once upon a time, this guy was to be the roboheart mascot and star of his own video game, but I totally lost interest and never made it much past basic character design. The idea was to have the robot upgrade himself as the game progressed eventually filling the heart shaped hole in his chest. Yeah… not brilliant. A sympathetic if basic character that may have deserved better though. I started making it with Power Game Factory which was a cool piece of software at the time, but hasn’t been updated in years. Anyway you can now look at these 3 rough game animations I made back then.

3 robo animations

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A Social Network for Climate Scientists

I’ve recently decided that human kind needs this even more immediately than brain augmentation.

There is no reason why large organized discussions about climate should be limited to yearly conferences. In fact it’s inexcusable in the internet age. I want to see a website that exclusively connects climate scientists, not only to expedite problem solving, but also to provide the public with a single reliable place to go to for the definitive scientific consensus on climate change. One reliable place for up to date data analysis on the front page that is easy enough for the layman to understand. Continue reading

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I Want a Telepathic Computer

Or Else!!

Is that too much to ask?

I want more direct interaction. I want to draw with my mind. I want my computer to know when I’m frustrated. I want to navigate the digital realm like I am flying effortlessly through a lucid dreamscape.

Maybe it IS a lot to ask, but advances are being made. So much so that if some amount of mind control computing isn’t common and practical in a decade, I’ll be very disappointed.

The Mindflex and Star Wars Force Trainer are good examples of a very simple implementation of this technology. The user can levitate a ball with their mind, by controlling the speed of a fan. The user puts a gizmo on their head that measures their level of concentration and transmits a corresponding signal to the fan. You could easily see how this tech could be used to move a mouse pointer up and down with the exact same mechanism. An only slightly more advanced version could move it in all directions and have left and right click as well. Let’s not forget The Mindflex and Force Trainer are sub $100 toys that are now several years old. They don’t represent anything close to the cutting edge of technology. Continue reading

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Minecraftian Slip

There are two types of people in the world  Those that lead, and those that follow.  That is, until you enter the strange world of Minecraft and realize that there are many blocks of gray.  Freud would have a field day in this blocky world full of neurosis.  All the hidden obsessions you push deep inside of you are methodically brought out, block by block.

Block one.  You are obsessive.  Sure, in your daily 3 dimensional world you function fine.  You go to work, perform your menial tasks, then come home to watch reruns of Twin Peaks and eat Pringles.  You’re so relaxed, you don’t care that your shirt is pink because you stuck a red sock in the wash or that there are now Pringles crumbs all over the couch.  Is that gas you smell?  Did you leave the burner on?  Meh, not worried about it.  But then Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Neil deGrasse Tyson

Dear Dr. Tyson,

I respect and admire you for many reasons. I know plenty of people who feel the same. You are a stirring speaker. Your passion and clarity can move me to tears. For an astrophysicist, you are very down to earth. You come across as so level headed, friendly, and warm that even when disagreeing with someone, you never seem to argue.

I am writing this letter in appreciation, but also to ask you a question. When you speak about the future of humanity, you have brought up the meger 1% difference between us and Chimps. You have said this leads you to worry deeply that human beings lack the intelligence to fully understand and explore the universe. I guess my question is why? Continue reading

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Psychics are Fake, James Randi is Awesome

Okay, I want to start this off by saying that there could be psychic powers in the world. I would love if it were true. It could be so well utilized in the information age. I am totally drawn to tv shows and movies about psychic powers and the like. It’s so appealing on a primal and emotional level, but I think  it is so very unlikely such things exist in the real world that there’s no point in living my life as though it were even remotely possible. Just as I wouldn’t live my life with the expectation that I might one day win the lottery. Not to mention that the chances of winning the lottery are without a doubt far far better than the likelihood of discovering psychic powers. After all, people have actually won the lottery before. Not just in an anecdotal “I swear it’s true” “friend of a friend” kind of way, but in a (verifiable) (no doubt about it) kind of way. No one in the history of the world has ever exhibited psychic power under reasonable repeatable experimental conditions, not once. This leads me to one of four conclusions. Three of them might seem slightly absurd. Lets see if you can guess which. Continue reading

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The Second Coming of Tesla

Life is complex.

We are constantly bombarded with sinful messages from all directions.  Influenced by advertisers and the incessant Joneses, we regretfully covet our neighbor’s new hot tub and jet skis.  No matter how much we try to stay pure, we can’t help but glance at the Maxim magazine in the grocery store checkout.  And as much as we’d like to avoid the all-you-can-eat buffet, not only for our waistlines but for the future of our souls, there are just so many darn birthdays to celebrate.  So what’s the modern Joe / Jane to do?

It’s easy to stay on the straight and narrow if we look to the saintly role model of Nikola Tesla.  When faced with troubles, just ask yourself : what would Tesla do? Continue reading


The Stork The 8th

Peter Mack continues The Stork while I waist time at residencies. Check out his Etsy shop and awesome paintings.

Our World is too Complex for Us

This is very related to my last post. More and more I am thinking that the number one priority of society NEEDS TO BE directly augmenting the human brain. We are far far too stupid individually to navigate the coming future landscape as we are now. We need to become post humans post haste! We have made our world so complex that no one understands it any more. Even the very brightest of the human race can only actively comprehend the smallest sliver of human knowledge. Our collective intelligence has so far exceeded our singular minds capabilities that there is just NO POSSIBLE WAY any one person can know the right things to do for a group of people as large as a country. Still plenty of people try. Continue reading

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