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Is the App Store designed to be annoying for developers?


I’ve been trying to make an ios game. I made all the graphics and learned to program it in Stencyl. I am not a programmer, so I opted for something a bit more visual. Over all it was a good experience, though not without it’s own frustrations. Well that was the easy part. Then I started trying to publish to ios. Holy hell does that suck. Continue reading


I Want a Telepathic Computer

Or Else!!

Is that too much to ask?

I want more direct interaction. I want to draw with my mind. I want my computer to know when I’m frustrated. I want to navigate the digital realm like I am flying effortlessly through a lucid dreamscape.

Maybe it IS a lot to ask, but advances are being made. So much so that if some amount of mind control computing isn’t common and practical in a decade, I’ll be very disappointed.

The Mindflex and Star Wars Force Trainer are good examples of a very simple implementation of this technology. The user can levitate a ball with their mind, by controlling the speed of a fan. The user puts a gizmo on their head that measures their level of concentration and transmits a corresponding signal to the fan. You could easily see how this tech could be used to move a mouse pointer up and down with the exact same mechanism. An only slightly more advanced version could move it in all directions and have left and right click as well. Let’s not forget The Mindflex and Force Trainer are sub $100 toys that are now several years old. They don’t represent anything close to the cutting edge of technology. Continue reading

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Hearts and Kidneys are Tinker Toys!

Miraculous things will happen in the future.

People will carry around little communication devices everywhere they go, along with tiny electronic boxes that light up and play music or moving pictures.  They will have wires hanging off of them with tiny amplifiers that plug into your ears.  And although we are all walking around with any desired tune playing seamlessly into our ears and cannot hear the noise on the street, the noise will just be a whirring of quiet electronic motors as automobiles stop using fuel and start using electricity to glide through our cities.

The technology of the future will be truly astounding.  A new global community will erupt as people from all over the world, even the most remote parts, communicate with each other through a network of tubes and wires.  Not only will they be able to communicate words and ideas, but pictures and sound as well.  A photo that takes two weeks via mail will be instantly broadcast to thousands of people.  People will be exposed to cultures and ideas they never could have imagined as ideas are shared through this global network. Continue reading


The Second Self

What if you had a friend who knew you better than you know yourself, knew exactly what you need when or even before you need it, knew how to motivate and inspire you when you feel stuck? What if this friend was an App running inside your head, or at least the Silicene augmentation in your head? What if it recorded or even guided your dreams for better problem solving and continued your work after you went to sleep? What if you started to wonder where it ends and you begin? What if it grew up along side you as your somewhat imaginary friend, learned about you as you learned about yourself through shared experiences, and helped you along the way? What if you could set goals in your life and it would always be there to help you accomplish them and feel good about doing so. What if it helped you work and interact with other people by acting as a translator from app to app, person to person, preventing miscommunication? What if no one had to feel lonely or misunderstood ever again? What if the concept of the “self” evolved to include this Silicene construct, the way that we accept each hemisphere of the brain as being part of a singular “self”?

I know, enough of the what ifs. I want one now! Continue reading

Do Androids Laugh at Synthetic Banana Peels?

Everyone loves robots. How can you not? With those large mechanical LED Bambi eyes and cuddly exterior, it’s difficult not to feel a deep rooted protective love of our cyber friends.

Robotics has come a long way baby. We live in a world where robots are a part of our everyday lives. They make the gadgets we use and entertain adults and children alike. What we hope for advancement in (or secretly fear) are androids, robots created to seem “human” in the looks or actions. The progress is almost startling when considering robots like Asimo, or even simple chat programs like Cleverbot, the disturbing lovechild of a programmer and a perfect example of robot learning, gathering information from thousands of individual human interactions.

Continue reading

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The Node Corporation of the Future

I have long thought that one of the biggest problems with corporations is that they are designed to diminish accountability and personal responsibility, much like the military, like a controlled mob mentality, like the act of multiple people pulling switches to electrocute a singe man. Beyond that, their only driving force is to make money. So the things they do, particularly when they get too large are going to seem evil to an individual person. They will only act in a way that seems moral if that action just happens to line up with their profits. They will only tell the whole truth by coincidence, and when intentionally telling convenient truths, they will be so edited they function as lies. When a company does something that outrages the public, almost none of the people working there feel directly responsible. After all no one did anything wrong, they just signed a piece of paper, submitted a report, kept their mouth shut, felt responsible only for doing their jobs. Even the CEO and board of directors feel more responsible to the shareholders than to their own conscience. To me it seems like they are serving an invisible beast with an insatiable appetite

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Put Flash in the Trash

There has been a lot of anti-Flash talk in the last year or two, but I am referring to Flash the authoring environment, not the browser plugin, although that kind of sucks too. I use Flash for all digital 2d animation,  mostly frame by frame, and it is the bane of my existence. It has causes me more aggravation (RAGE) than any other program, and is very high on a short list of most infuriating things on this earth. It is so bloated and buggy and inefficient and I feel stuck with it. I have looked into other software, but there’s always something prohibitive, usually cost. I also don’t want to invest the time in learning a whole new piece of software to find out it’s also unacceptable. This is kind of a review, but really it’s just a rant for those that already know this awful/useful software.

I would like to admit the possibility that some of my complaints may well have a better work around, or even solution that I’m not aware of, or is specific to CS4 (the version I use, since there weren’t ANY good new animation features that I’m aware of in the newer versions). If that is the case, please let me know. PLEASE!

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