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Is the App Store designed to be annoying for developers?


I’ve been trying to make an ios game. I made all the graphics and learned to program it in Stencyl. I am not a programmer, so I opted for something a bit more visual. Over all it was a good experience, though not without it’s own frustrations. Well that was the easy part. Then I started trying to publish to ios. Holy hell does that suck. Continue reading


8-Bit Zardoz Full Game Coming to Gameduino2

I have been working with James Bowman of on a 5 level open source fully playable video game version of 8-Bit Zardoz for the Gameduino2 platform. Here is a link to the kickstarter campaign for Gameduino2.

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The Roboheart Game That Never Was

Once upon a time, this guy was to be the roboheart mascot and star of his own video game, but I totally lost interest and never made it much past basic character design. The idea was to have the robot upgrade himself as the game progressed eventually filling the heart shaped hole in his chest. Yeah… not brilliant. A sympathetic if basic character that may have deserved better though. I started making it with Power Game Factory which was a cool piece of software at the time, but hasn’t been updated in years. Anyway you can now look at these 3 rough game animations I made back then.

3 robo animations

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A Social Network for Climate Scientists

I’ve recently decided that human kind needs this even more immediately than brain augmentation.

There is no reason why large organized discussions about climate should be limited to yearly conferences. In fact it’s inexcusable in the internet age. I want to see a website that exclusively connects climate scientists, not only to expedite problem solving, but also to provide the public with a single reliable place to go to for the definitive scientific consensus on climate change. One reliable place for up to date data analysis on the front page that is easy enough for the layman to understand. Continue reading

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Put Flash in the Trash

There has been a lot of anti-Flash talk in the last year or two, but I am referring to Flash the authoring environment, not the browser plugin, although that kind of sucks too. I use Flash for all digital 2d animation,  mostly frame by frame, and it is the bane of my existence. It has causes me more aggravation (RAGE) than any other program, and is very high on a short list of most infuriating things on this earth. It is so bloated and buggy and inefficient and I feel stuck with it. I have looked into other software, but there’s always something prohibitive, usually cost. I also don’t want to invest the time in learning a whole new piece of software to find out it’s also unacceptable. This is kind of a review, but really it’s just a rant for those that already know this awful/useful software.

I would like to admit the possibility that some of my complaints may well have a better work around, or even solution that I’m not aware of, or is specific to CS4 (the version I use, since there weren’t ANY good new animation features that I’m aware of in the newer versions). If that is the case, please let me know. PLEASE!

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