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“Red Lights” Movie Review (Spoilers)

redlightsLet me start by saying this isn’t entirely a movie review. It’s more about my desire to see this less than perfect movie made into an awesome TV show, preferably going no longer than 3-4 seasons with a plot laid out ahead of time with each episode written by the same person or writing team, or at the very least written by people who have seen all the other episodes. Is that too much to ask? For an American TV show, it might be. Continue reading

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So Brave, So Young, So Handsome

I have a confession to make : I have never seen a western movie. There, it’s out. No, I have never seen Unforgiven or Tombstone. I have never seen the American remake of Seven Samurai. I have never had the cinematic joy of vicariously riding off into an 8 mm sunset or tying a woman to train tracks. I don’t really know what kind of guns they had back then, and what was necessary to be the fastest gun in the west. To be honest, I don’t even know what was actually considered the west. I imagine it’s somewhere past the central time zone, sauntering in between mountain and surfer territory. I’m not sure why people actually chose to forego civilization and fend off bears, but I imagine that according to society’s rules prostitutes and priests followed shortly thereafter.

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Keep the bikers! Great zombie-bait!

Every zombie movie is a snowflake universe. They all have their own specific laws regarding their own specific zombie universe. Some of them have fast zombies that attack humans at a full gallop, broken legs and all. Some of them have slow zombies that count on each other, using a hyena tactic to overcome their human prey. There are some zombie-verses where brains are a delicacy, and some where it’s the only item on the menu. But regardless of which donut-shaped zombie universe you find yourself in, one thing is certain. You want to move like a running-back and not like a lineman And you never, ever want to open the door.

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Post Humans Hate Scifi

By that I really mean, they will hate the science fiction of today. In all likelihood a passive experience like a movie or TV show will be of no interest to them at all. But lets just say it is still relevant, or at least it can be converted into a new entertaining format for super humans. In this case I think the new humans would only be able to, at best, muster some amount of historical appreciation. At worst, they may find it quite stupid and insulting, assuming post humans are capable of being insulted.

It seems to me that most science fiction stories are cautionary tales. They are so often about the failure of scientific advancements to account for the human spirit. I touched on this in an older post. Scifi today has to appeal to the emotions of people today. Continue reading

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You’re asking the wrong Phil

So happy Groundhog day, even though it’s almost over. The movie “Groundhog Day” has more repeat value for me than almost any other movie. Is that ironic? Also, here’s a weather related question. Do we need to be able to accurately predict quantum behavior in order to achieve relatively perfect weather prediction? Is that even theoretically possible, at least for all intents and purposes? Would the Uncertainty Principle significantly obstruct such predictions? Would you need to know the impossibly precise position and speed of all environmental elements to know the exact weather for a month? Will meteorologists run into the limits of physics before even reaching the near perfect 7 day forecast? Well, I doubt it, but there may be a theoretical limit out there somewhere.

CGI vs Practical Effects in movies

Let me preface this by saying that I will be referencing different age groups for the purpose of clarifying my ideas and not to suggest that any of this is based on statistical data. They are just my own general observations, so take them with a pixel of salt

CGI vs Practical Effects, I’ve head it brought up many times. I’ve brought it up myself. Different people feel very strongly on both sides. Something I’ve noticed is the apparent age groups for both arguments. It seems to me that not many people under 20 would make a case for older movie effects, even if they are familiar with a wide range of them. It also seems like the majority of people over 40 would be in the same category. I suggest that it isĀ  group between 20 and 40 who defend practical and denounce CGI.

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