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The Second Self

What if you had a friend who knew you better than you know yourself, knew exactly what you need when or even before you need it, knew how to motivate and inspire you when you feel stuck? What if this friend was an App running inside your head, or at least the Silicene augmentation in your head? What if it recorded or even guided your dreams for better problem solving and continued your work after you went to sleep? What if you started to wonder where it ends and you begin? What if it grew up along side you as your somewhat imaginary friend, learned about you as you learned about yourself through shared experiences, and helped you along the way? What if you could set goals in your life and it would always be there to help you accomplish them and feel good about doing so. What if it helped you work and interact with other people by acting as a translator from app to app, person to person, preventing miscommunication? What if no one had to feel lonely or misunderstood ever again? What if the concept of the “self” evolved to include this Silicene construct, the way that we accept each hemisphere of the brain as being part of a singular “self”?

I know, enough of the what ifs. I want one now! Continue reading

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