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The Stork Episode 9

He’s back after a much needed year and a half long vacation.
This time he’s fallen from grace and into a sea of heartbreak.

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8-Bit Zardoz Full Game Coming to Gameduino2

I have been working with James Bowman of on a 5 level open source fully playable video game version of 8-Bit Zardoz for the Gameduino2 platform. Here is a link to the kickstarter campaign for Gameduino2.

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8-bit Alberto Salazar

It’s been quite a while since last post. Roboheart has once again joined the legions of zombie blogs on the interwebs. It’s not because I am lazy, even though I am. I’ve just been too busy doing contract work to muse about the future. Well, too busy to do it in any organized way. The above video is one of several freelance jobs I’ve had since the last robo post. It was a contract job for Adam Gothelfo of I’ll post links to some other freelance pixel art at a later date.

Pixel Island

I made a 32×32 pixel animation for some reason. I guess the appeal was to do something as minimal as possible.

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The Doctor and a Dalek (Spoilers)

The first episode back in this season of Doctor Who introduced the woman who will play the next companion in the form a of Dalek who used to be human and who still thinks she IS. It seems likely that this is just a case of the show starting her off in a different role, to then be reintroduced later as someone else. They have done it before. But I really hope that is not the case. I want a Dalek as the next companion. Continue reading

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Oh No! Its a Another Beast Jesus Meme

I feel kind of sorry to join the meme parade and don’t mean this to be insulting to Christians.


I promise not to make a “Long Cat” video or something like that. On second thought, that actually sounds like a good idea, but I’m sure by now someone must have already imagined that as a video game. Also this is the second Shadow of the Beast related animation I’ve made.
I loved that game growing up, yet for some reason I keep violating its memory with oddball videos.

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The Roboheart Game That Never Was

Once upon a time, this guy was to be the roboheart mascot and star of his own video game, but I totally lost interest and never made it much past basic character design. The idea was to have the robot upgrade himself as the game progressed eventually filling the heart shaped hole in his chest. Yeah… not brilliant. A sympathetic if basic character that may have deserved better though. I started making it with Power Game Factory which was a cool piece of software at the time, but hasn’t been updated in years. Anyway you can now look at these 3 rough game animations I made back then.

3 robo animations

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The Stork The 8th

Peter Mack continues The Stork while I waist time at residencies. Check out his Etsy shop and awesome paintings.


I made this rather last minute for the WHY EXPLORE SPACE competition, but because of some unfortunate technical issues, didn’t get it uploaded on time. I missed the deadline by like 10 minutes, but I thought I’d put it up here anyway.

UPDATE: It seems they extended the deadline a day so I could enter. Voting starts Sunday at noon. SO VOTE HERE, I guess.

The Stork episode 6

In this short but sweet tasting episode of “The Stork, Hunter From The Future” Mr Stork shows his hunger for life, in spite of the Mountain of trials he has yet to Face.

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