Is the App Store designed to be annoying for developers?


I’ve been trying to make an ios game. I made all the graphics and learned to program it in Stencyl. I am not a programmer, so I opted for something a bit more visual. Over all it was a good experience, though not without it’s own frustrations. Well that was the easy part. Then I started trying to publish to ios. Holy hell does that suck. It’s way more difficult than learning a visual scripting language. Just to test on my own ios device was annoying enough. There are several different profiles and accounts and certificates you have to set up and it’s all very confusing and seems completely unnecessary and redundant. I got it all to work, but then it just started failing for no reason I could understand. So I started trying to set up a beta test on the app store through itunes connect. Dammit, more profiles and accounts and I have yet to get things up and running.

I just can’t believe it’s easier to build the damn game than publish it. Is this process intentionally convoluted to filter out the lazy people who wouldn’t make good apps anyway? This process is almost enough to make me believe in souls because that’s where it hurts when I try to wade through all this crap. Maybe I am just a moron, but I paid for the developers license, so I’ve got to figure this out eventually.

I think the walled garden is full of weeds. Where is that typical Apple ease of use? Don’t developers deserve it too? It’s all in service of trying to control every aspect of the device and what is published on it. The whole App Store thing is already extremely controlling. The least Apple could do is to streamline the process of taking away our ability to use computers the way we want. If Apple ever tries to implement this degree of fuckery on the Mac, I WILL NOT USE IT ANY MORE. At least I hope I won’t. If I do, then I won’t be the same person anymore. I’ll be a more beaten down, less hopeful person. I guess it’s fine that there is a Mac App store already, just as long as you don’t HAVE to use it. Though I fear that is the way things are going. I fear the possibility of a future war against general purpose computing. What kind of hoops will we have to jump through if Apples iOS publishing system becomes the standard for all commercial software. If that happens, I guess I’ll have to become a Linux user…I really don’t want to become a Linux user.


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