The Doctor and a Dalek (Spoilers)

The first episode back in this season of Doctor Who introduced the woman who will play the next companion in the form a of Dalek who used to be human and who still thinks she IS. It seems likely that this is just a case of the show starting her off in a different role, to then be reintroduced later as someone else. They have done it before. But I really hope that is not the case. I want a Dalek as the next companion.

It may be the only thing that can make the Daleks interesting again. The companion dynamic could use something fresh as well. I know it is an apparent rule that the companion must be a cute and clever girl, but this Dalek WAS one, and still IS inside her mind. I’m sure The Doctor could set up a way to visit her inside the mental space in which she appears human, so they can interact on a more personal level.

This is potentially such a complex and sympathetic character, a killing machine trying be more than the sum of her parts and keep her human nature intact. It seems like such a shame for her to be a mere one off. Who agrees.

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