Minecraftian Slip

There are two types of people in the world  Those that lead, and those that follow.  That is, until you enter the strange world of Minecraft and realize that there are many blocks of gray.  Freud would have a field day in this blocky world full of neurosis.  All the hidden obsessions you push deep inside of you are methodically brought out, block by block.

Block one.  You are obsessive.  Sure, in your daily 3 dimensional world you function fine.  You go to work, perform your menial tasks, then come home to watch reruns of Twin Peaks and eat Pringles.  You’re so relaxed, you don’t care that your shirt is pink because you stuck a red sock in the wash or that there are now Pringles crumbs all over the couch.  Is that gas you smell?  Did you leave the burner on?  Meh, not worried about it.  But then Minecraft takes over.  You start mining stone.  And it has to be the same height, not a stone out of place.  Methodically criss-crossed, row after row of perfectly spaced mines.  And of course, you need someplace to put all of the stuff you collected.  So you start placing them in storage crates.  You are more tidy in Minecraft than your mother could have ever hoped for.  You place a sign in front of each crate, labeling each box that holds a different material, evenly placed in a row along the wall.

Which brings us to block two.  You are a hoarder.  In real life, you don’t really worry about your stuff.  Sure, you like your stack of Scientific Americans and are very attached from your dvd collection.  But you don’t really hoard stuff.  Not like in Minecraft.  In Minecraft, you keep everything.  3 sets of stairs?  Sure, why not.  You never know when you might need them again.  In fact, you should keep everything.  Just in case.  Piles and piles of stone.  Stacks of wool.  Yes, even dirt.  You keep cases of dirt.  Why?  Well, because it’s such a waste to just throw it away.  And you really never know when you might need 1500 pieces of dirt.  You might decide to create a giant muddy work of art.  The possibilities are endless.

Which leads us to block 3.  Your addiction is endless.  There are endless mud sculptures to make, endless blocks to mine.  There is clearing of sand to do.  You could endlessly drown in the same spot trying to retrieve your gear.  Hours to spend rearranging lava.  You are hopelessly addicted, and you’re not even sure why.  Which is probably okay.  Because there are probably worse things you can do than act neurotic, obsessively hoarding dirt.

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One thought on “Minecraftian Slip

  1. I can’t even explain why but I am so crazy about Minecraft to be honest. I remember that when I first started playing it I spent a whole weekend in my room playing it. Thank you so much for this post, I enjoyed reading it!

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