Is the App Store designed to be annoying for developers?


I’ve been trying to make an ios game. I made all the graphics and learned to program it in Stencyl. I am not a programmer, so I opted for something a bit more visual. Over all it was a good experience, though not without it’s own frustrations. Well that was the easy part. Then I started trying to publish to ios. Holy hell does that suck. Continue reading


The Stork Episode 9

He’s back after a much needed year and a half long vacation.
This time he’s fallen from grace and into a sea of heartbreak.

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8-Bit Zardoz Full Game Coming to Gameduino2

I have been working with James Bowman of on a 5 level open source fully playable video game version of 8-Bit Zardoz for the Gameduino2 platform. Here is a link to the kickstarter campaign for Gameduino2.

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“Red Lights” Movie Review (Spoilers)

redlightsLet me start by saying this isn’t entirely a movie review. It’s more about my desire to see this less than perfect movie made into an awesome TV show, preferably going no longer than 3-4 seasons with a plot laid out ahead of time with each episode written by the same person or writing team, or at the very least written by people who have seen all the other episodes. Is that too much to ask? For an American TV show, it might be. Continue reading

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Game Bidding VS Online Gambling

bettingI don’t play many games online, except for the odd game of Tetris. I certainly don’t pay for them, but I did once try one of those awful semi scam bidding sites like Quibids a few years ago. I don’t recommend them. They are actually pretty insidious. With all the legal issues about online gambling in the US, I’m surprised all sites like them haven’t been outlawed yet.

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A Valentines Song about Alan Turing

Eliza was the first chattbot and first program to take the Turing test. Technically of course she didn’t pass, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t make an impression.
For those of you who don’t know. Alan Turing was forced by the British government to take hormone treatments for his homosexuality, which was illegal at the time. Though I think his true love was really computers. The governments treatment of him no doubt contributed to his suicide… No I don’t think that is too much of a bummer for Valentines Day.

Just so there isn’t any confusion, Alan Turing actually died 1o years before the invention of ELIZA. I just have the bad habit of liking to fictionalize and romanticize real events in science history.

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8-bit Alberto Salazar

It’s been quite a while since last post. Roboheart has once again joined the legions of zombie blogs on the interwebs. It’s not because I am lazy, even though I am. I’ve just been too busy doing contract work to muse about the future. Well, too busy to do it in any organized way. The above video is one of several freelance jobs I’ve had since the last robo post. It was a contract job for Adam Gothelfo of I’ll post links to some other freelance pixel art at a later date.

Cult of Regenerative Personality

Doctor Who is a cult.  Not in a Rocky Horror Picture Show way.  Although yes, it is cult in a Rocky Horror Picture Show way too.  But in a more traditional sense of the word.  The general definition of a cult is a group of people “bound together by veneration of the same thing, person, ideal(, etc)”.  It can, and often does, involve rituals (such as compulsively offering or eating jelly babies) and symbols (such as a blue box).  We typically imagine cults as a closed group with a strange mythos, and people are lured into the group by a charismatic leader.  Once a person is inside the guarded group different techniques are used to keep them there, including forms of mind control.  So how did this happen, right under our noses?  How did the Doctor manage to get so many helpless and beautiful young women to drink his wibbly-wobbly kool aid?

Let’s throw a link to Wikipedia in here that will help us illustrate just how he accomplished this dastardly feat.  Some of the mind control tactics used to ease victims into this exciting lifestyle of cult-dom are:   Continue reading

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Pixel Island

I made a 32×32 pixel animation for some reason. I guess the appeal was to do something as minimal as possible.

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The Doctor and a Dalek (Spoilers)

The first episode back in this season of Doctor Who introduced the woman who will play the next companion in the form a of Dalek who used to be human and who still thinks she IS. It seems likely that this is just a case of the show starting her off in a different role, to then be reintroduced later as someone else. They have done it before. But I really hope that is not the case. I want a Dalek as the next companion. Continue reading

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